How Much Does Changing Your Car Locks Cost?

How Much Does Changing Your Car Locks Cost

Losing the keys to your car can be a very stressful thing that you have to go through. It is likely to happen to anyone at some point in their lives—and whether or not you simply lose them or have your car keys stolen from you, it can still be a very frustrating thing for a car owner to go through, especially if you use your car in a daily basis.

Aside from that, losing your car keys or getting your car keys stolen from you should be a cause for concern, because this might put the safety of your car at risk, and your house and your family may face a serious breach in their security. Lost car keys can end up in the hands of a car thief, and there have been instances where a car thief would go through your car’s official papers and documents, look up your address, and then proceed to rob you later. This is why replacing the door locks of your car after you lose your car keys is very important.

Professional locksmiths, such as a Locksmith Las Vegas, highly recommend that you should change your car’s locks after you lose your keys or have them stolen from you because of security reasons. Much like rekeying your house after a theft or after you move into a new place, you should have the locks on your car doors either rekeyed or replaced. This service is most likely offered by any licensed professional locksmith service provider in your area. For instance, you can just easily call a Las Vegas locksmith and have your car rekeyed or get new locks installed.

These locksmiths can rekey your car locks by just changing the cylinders in each of the locks in your car. This is an easy job that would last for just a few short hours. However, if your car model can be opened by a remote key and you have lost this remote key, then professional locksmiths, such as a Las Vegas locksmith, would have to change your locks entirely and have your new keys reprogrammed so that the old remote key can no longer open the new lock. No need to worry about finding someone who can reprogram your car keys, though. Most professional locksmith companies in your area—such as those locksmiths in Las Vegas—offer not just rekeying and installing services for your automobile, but also car key reprogramming services for every car model out there.

Now, the question remains: how much does changing your car locks cost?

Firstly, it all depends on the model and make of your car. Some cars would need to just be rekeyed, while some car locks need to be replaced entirely because rekeying them would be so much harder. You could hire a professional locksmith service, like those in Las Vegas, to change your door locks for $30 to $50 per lock. Rekeying them is cheaper at $6 to $20 each lock.

Changing your car locks would sometimes mean replacing your ignition lock too. You can inquire at your local auto parts store and buy an ignition switch with key for around $25. You can have your new ignition switch installed at a repair shop.

These may be expensive work, but it would mean that your car and possibly your house and family would remain safe.

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